Your first step

The first step you need to take after registering is to set up a Bitcoin trading account.  We suggest using Altcoin as you are able to purchase USDT which is needed for HyperFund with them.

When you wish to withdraw from HyperFund, you will need to have an account at OKEx.

Altcoin Tutorial

OKEx Tutorial

Your next step - Understanding Mirror Trading International

The following videos will help you understand how to setup and operate your MTI account.

MTI Investor Presentation

Interview with MTI CEO

MLM Into Training for MTI

MTI Compensation Plan Training

MTI Opportunity Video

MTI Back Office

Download hard copies of useful documents:

Understanding Hyper Capital

The following videos will help you understand how to set up and operate your Hyper Capital account.

HyperFund Coporate Overview

The Next Revolution

Step 1 Download The App & Register Your Account

Step 2 How To Fund Your Account

Step 3 How To Use Your App

Step 4 How To Withdraw Your Rewards

Tutorial using the Merge Function

Sam Lee

Additional useful information

The following videos will help you understand the Blockchain and assist with MLM marketing.

Blockchain Information

Network Marketing